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Welcome to Cidermoon Coffee Cafe!

Cidermoon Coffee is all about the green coffee bean and the art of profile roasting. Finding the right bean is also an art. It's not about the price as much as it is about cupping the roasted bean. Learning to identify with the palate and tasting the original hints of flavor within the bean allows a profile roaster an inside edge to designing the right blends.
The most expensive cup of coffee in the minds of many coffee drinkers is a $4 coffee at Starbucks. Perhaps a half-caf almond milk latte prepared by their favorite coffee barista.

The most expensive beans on the market today include, Jamaican Blue Mountain, St. Helena Coffee grown on a remote South Atlantic island and Kopi Luwak, a coffee that is only roasted after it’s been eaten and excremented by a palm civet and Kona a US cultivated bean. None of these beans, after roasted should include cream and sugar in the coffee cup.

Cidermoon Coffee takes the time to find the right bean for every coffee drinker. Great care and expertise in the selection of the bean allows us to apply the right roast for every coffee drinker's palate. We took the bean selection process quite seriously by doing the research on how it's grown, where it's grown, who's sampled the coffee and what government restrictions were applied on the farmer. Then with a one pound roaster, we applied several different roasts on each bean and took our samples to the public and let them pick which ones they liked.

The public spoke back. They reported they loved the Kenyan AA, no surprise to us, Costa Rican, Ethiopian, and Organic Sumatra. We have placed each one of those beans and the roasts best loved by our customers online for others to purchase and enjoy. We only sell the top selections instead of 100's of different beans because we want to bring quality to your home as we've done in our home.

How fresh is that?


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